Lana Park

Lana Park

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Lana Park

I was a happily married conservative housewife until one day last year when I accidentally walked in on my stepson masturbating. I couldn't believe what I saw. My healthy strapping teenage stepson was spread eagle on the bed stroking what was probably the biggest thickest cock I had ever seen. It was apparent that he did not inherit his size from his Dad. I g0t so turned on by what I saw that I just couldn't help my self. I stripped off my robe to reveal the sexy thong that I always wore for his father. He was shocked and defenseless against my intense arousal. This horny stepmom threw her mouth onto his Big Cock. I took his hefty penis down my hungry deep throat. I blew his tool until it spewed all over my face.

It didn't take long after that to realize what I had been missing. I looked around and started to notice and lust after all of the young hard dicks that were all around me and I just lost all control.I became the lustful horny stepmom that got all of their attention. Thanks to my stepson my house is the most popular in the neighborhood. Young studs come to my house all the time. My husband leaves for work and my work begins,milking all of those young cocks. I have lots of naughty lustful stories to tell you just give me a call and I guarantee to get you hard and leave you drained.

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