Daisy Rane

Daisy Rane

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Daisy Rane

I am a sexy, lonely, horny housewife with a big sexual appetite and a dud for a husband. I have always taken good care of myself. I think I am actually hotter now than when we first met, but I can not say that for my husband. He has let himself go to the point that I have to whet that appetite of mine elsewhere. I need and crave some cock on a daily basis. And I need a man that wants his wife's attention, not the damn newspaper or the tv! When the loser husband is away, the horny wife comes out to play. When he goes away for a business, I am out there, and on the prowl looking for all the horny men, I can find to pound this pussy and keep it satisfied.

My girlfriends and I are always on the lookout for those men that love to fuck married women. We seek them out and keep them busy.

I have been looking for you. There you are. I know you are ready to give me the time and attention that I deserve. Give me a call. I will not disappoint you.

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