Cheryl Jones

Cheryl Jones

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Cheryl Jones

A little over a five years ago I married my high school sweetheart as soon as we graduated. He had decided to become a Marine, and wanted to marry me. I know, I know… men in uniform are so hot! I thought I would be so happy being married to him, I really did. But, now here I am, stuck at home alone without him. He hasn’t been home for more than a week since right after we got married. Seriously, though-does he really think I wouldn’t have some fun while he was gone. Am I not supposed to be going out to parties, going out on dates, and having fun? Hahaha, right. Instead I’m stuck here, all alone. I’ve tried so many things to cure my own boredom. But I just get so hornyso...

I’ve decided to be a no limits, cheating wife, phone sex slut. I am willing to try anything to have some fun! And when I say anything, I do mean anything, baby. Some of my favorite calls are Cock Sucking, Deep Throat , cuckold, and small penis humiliation. If you have a tiny little stick for a package don’t hesitate to call me, I’d be happy to tell you all about how I can’t even feel your stick, and how worthless it is. Call me anytime If you think you can be the cure to my boredom,

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