Brayden Carter

Brayden Carter

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Brayden Carter

My Husband Brandon, and I have always been pretty kinky from the beginning of our marriage. We would tell each other all of our fantasies and even role play some of them out together during sex.We both have very vivid imaginations so, it could get pretty kinky at times. He had a huge fantasy about having me cuckold him. The more we role played it, the hotter the fantasy became for him and me too! I even got him to lick my dildo clean and damn he sucked it good! One night, I was out with the girls having some drinks, when this big black man came up to me. He introduced himself as Mike and asked if he could buy me a drink. He was hot as fuck! He had to be around 6’2” with a very muscular build. After a few drinks, some talking and LOTS of flirting, I decided to bring up my cuckold fantasy. He said it sounded like it would be a good time. I had talked to Brandon earlier and told him there would be a hot surprise later...

Well needless to say there was. I brought Mike home and after that night Brandon became my full-on cuckold slave. That was a couple of years ago. Now though for some reason I am getting bored with him. He isn't as obedient as he used to be and I have come to realize, I am in need of a new cuckold slave.

Beware, guys, I am a dominant horny housewife on the prowl for a cuckold slave. I am looking for that raw meat that I can train and mold into exactly what I need. Or maybe you are already a sissy. in need of some strong guidance. Either way give me a call.

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